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How to make your brand more engaging on social media?

  • 24th March 2019

smart bright solutions is happy to welcome you to our Blog page. This industry is a very fast-changing one and it is extremely important to keep track of all of the improvements and news. That’s why we decided to run our own Blog for our needs and the needs of our customers and other people interested in this field. To be the best you need to be a step ahead of the trend and that’s what we are achieving by running our Blog

Every person in any business sphere is aware that a business simply doesn’t exist without an online presence. Of course, potential clients may walk by your store or office. Still, if they notice an interesting and useful post on Instagram, they will more likely get interested in what your company is doing. However, many business owners have trouble building a positive reputation and increasing engagement on social media even though they have years of experience and high-quality products in their hands. So is there a way to deal with this problem effectively and improve the engagement of the brand? The answer is yes, it is possible and even not as complicated as you may think. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the most popular and effective ways that will have a positive effect on the brand’s reputation, success, and engagement on social networks. And if you are not sure how to do it on your own – no worries, the team of experts from IntlTech is always ready to help. Read and learn, hope you’ll enjoy it!


What is the social media engagement of the brand?

In simple words, social media engagement is the measurement of users’ activity on the brand’s social media page – likes, comments, shares, etc. You may have noticed that there’s no such factor as the number of followers. All because an engaged audience is appreciated more than just numbers of followers. Activity on social networks helps build a positive experience with a brand for every person (it doesn’t matter if they are new or already interested for a long time). The most important metrics include the following points:

  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • The audience growth
  • Mentions
  • Using brand hashtags, etc.

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